Kristen & Billy by Jonathan koslen

Lovers who run strong. We are so happy that we were able to capture the day Kristen and Billy celebrated their very beautiful love. The day you two got married is a day that undeniably exposed a beautiful light and moment in time. Jon and I were moved by all of you.

Kristen, Billy, siblings and friends trudged through a difficult path of sand, rocks, and other things on the Lake Erie shores for the bridal party shots. It was cold and wet but the sun was shining. The leaves were colorful and truly picturesque. The pictures authentically captured the happiness for Kristen and Billy.

Jon and I are so happy for them. Thank you for including us and sharing with us your magical and moving wedding day. The picture of you two putting your running shoes on together was a great gift.

Paige & Ben by Jonathan koslen

October 28th is the day that we celebrated the love of Paige and Ben. Jonathan and I were so excited to shoot at such a beautiful venue especially because of the time of year. it didn’t matter that it was rainy, foggy, and cold. Paige looked gorgeous in her gown from Matina’s Bridal. I believe that every wedding day is the greatest opportunity to leave a mark with our photography of the beauty and hope of our couples love. Yesterday Paige and Ben made our job a real pleasure.

We loved the ceremony shots with Benjamin’s Celtic roots and Paige’s Great Grandmother’s wedding dress that represented the lovely women that followed. Jonathan and I were honored to watch you and all your loved ones dance with your grandma. We loved to see you sing like the free birds that you and all your friends are. I could go on forever about how much fun and loving you all are but I believe that these pictures say it all.

Thank you for your love and support.

Jonathan & Sarah

Audrey & Josh by Jonathan koslen

Audrey I love that I was able to tease you and that each time you were about to cry you said “F-You Jonathan and then smiled! Your ceremony was very special to everyone! Your clergy friends that sang at your Wedding were amazing and your rabbi friend (Rav Rav added her personal touches to the kabbalat panim/bedeking! It’s not every weekend that I get to shoot a Cantor’s Wedding. Josh you were so nice and easy going and Sarah and i really enjoyed meeting your friends! Mazal Tov and if Canada doesn’t build a wall Sarah and I will definitely be up to hear you sing.

Marija & Daniel by Jonathan koslen

“The Shotgun is in the Mini Cooper”

From the minute we met you both we felt like family! I guess we kinda are because Angie worked with me for a few years and will always be one of my favorite people on the planet. Your traditions are so fun to experience and shoot (with a camera LOL). When I told Sarah that you were shooting an apple with a shotgun, bringing in a whole roasted pig, and bartering for the Bride she thought I was joking. Thank you for inviting so many of my friends and having my favorite deserts!

Ava's Bat Mitzvah by Jonathan koslen

I am honored to have shot all four kids Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s. All four events were so different and memorable for me! I have to say that I am enjoying every moment with all of you and get a kick out of watching everyone grow up so quickly! Anyway Joe Mineo from Something new always does a tremendous job, he put that little something special in for your family as we all do! Mazal Tov Ava! Jacob, Olivia, and Alexa I am very much looking forward to shooting all of your weddings in the upcoming years! Michael and Kathy thanks for everything!