Trish & Bill / by Jonathan koslen

We made history on Friday September 21st!  It's been almost 100 years since a Wedding Ceremony was held inside the Seiberling Mansion at Stan Hewitt!  As it turns out mine and Leslie's "streak of bad luck" (read some of the previous blogs) ended this weekend and turned into good luck!  The chairs and alter were all set up guests were seated, and the ceremony was about to start when the skies opened up!  Luckily the president of the board was in attendance and gave the go ahead to proceed with the ceremony inside!  This was a very big deal considering the fact that I was NOT allowed to take any photos inside initially as guests were arriving to then have free reign to shoot during the ceremony!  Ilene Benson really held it together and made things happen for this couple.  Moving the ceremony was not an easy task!  After the ceremony all were welcomed into a beautiful tent decorated by Neil Leeson and danced the night away with music by Special Request.  Everyone was so thrilled to be a  part of this couples joy!