Traci & Jeff / by Jonathan koslen

Traci & Jeff met New Image just a few months ago, when their wedding photography plans hit an unexpected hurdle.  With a bit of schedule-shuffling and a bit of fate, Candy and I were able to photograph their wedding at the Ritz-Carlton on Saturday.  I think it's safe to say we were so grateful to share the day with one another--aside from this being a stunningly beautiful wedding all around, we couldn't have enjoyed Jeff and Traci's personalities more.  Though racing against the clock, we managed to photograph the bride and groom in the Old Courthouse without seeing one another--all four of us chuckling as we guided Traci and Jeff up and down windy staircases.   We just had such a great time, from beginning to end.

At the end of the night, Traci said just what Candy and I were thinking:  "The universe works in mysterious ways, and we are so lucky that somehow we were brought together--we had a fabulous day."

Traci and Jeff, you both made our day so enjoyable, and we can only imaging how wonderful you will make one another's lives for years to come.


Leslie & Candy