Terry's Birthday Suprise / by Jonathan koslen

Last evening Cleveland's Shoreby Club was filled with extravagant flowers, beautiful decor with lavender-colored  accents, and guests full of excitement.  Terry's surprise birthday celebration had been planned and  strategised by her closest family and friends, who upon her arrival, shouted "happy birthday" so ecstatically that Terry was beyond shocked and delighted.  Over time Terry has created incredible events and celebrations for family and friends--many of which we have had the pleasure of photographing.  Those closest to her therefore decided that in the spirit of her birthday, it was time to giver her a beautiful night, this time in her honor.  The evening progressed to highlight the wonderful woman and role model that she is, reflected in speeches, a video, and two ballet performances.

Having shared wedding days with so many brides and grooms, I've observed most to hold a particular dream of the life they are taking the first step toward building--one with mutual love and celebration of life.  As I watched Terry's husband hold her hand and present the evening to her, I realized that this is what everyone dreams of.

Leslie & Jonathan