Tarah & Andrew / by Jonathan koslen

When Tarah & Andrew first visited our studio, they held hands tightly with excitement as we chatted about their wedding day.  During this visit as well as the wedding itself, one could not help but to notice how they seemingly "gravitate" towards one another (in the words of Tarah's maid of honor).  While standing at the alter, it was if there was a force pulling them closer.  "What are the chances a boy from Mississippi would find the girl of his dreams in Cleveland, Ohio," remarked Fr. Estok.  During their engagement shoot back in November, I remember them explaining how they were managing to fly back and forth to see one another , and in doing so, their facial expressions showed how much they yearned to be with one another, day to day.  Saturday marked  the start of their life together, and we couldn't be more happy for them. Leslie & Brad