Tara & Ted / by Jonathan koslen

I met Tara mid-wedding season of last year on a day where I was still recovering from a full weekend of weddings.   As the photos from her wedding will prove, her smile fills you with energy and happiness, as it did for me that first visit. Last Saturday as she held her father's hand, Tara's eyes caught Ted's across the chapel of Holy Angels, and her smile was even more vibrant than I had ever seen.   We all search for happiness, and once we find it life can be more vibrant than we knew possible.

Surrounded by family and friends, Tara & Ted's celebration at Barrington Golf Club rang loud and late with the help of Jerry Bruno's band.   As sparklers danced on their behalf, I was so happy for these two that I didn't give a second thought to my hair catching on fire!  A sincere thank you to the guest who caught sight of it!)

Have a wonderful honeymoon in Italy!


Leslie, Jonathan, & Mariana