Shout band

Hanna & Sandro by Jonathan koslen

The Club at Hillbrook

I did not expect a mixed Jewish wedding that started from two students studying abroad and The Big Lebowski playing a pivotal role seven years ago. Okay, that’s enough spoilers. But in all seriousness, we landed awesome shots and video despite a thunderous tempest around and above all day.

A huge thank-you to the Club at Hillbrook staff, along with Pieter Bouterse, Pam Holliday and Champagne Entertainment, Gerry Praizner and the entire Shout band, Debbie the harpist, Terry Macklin; Brides by the Falls for the dress, Martina Liana for the jacket (and someone else we must credit but we need the name!)

And of course, I’ve got another highlight, so stay subscribed to our videos tab!

Finally, we may have shaved five years off for the epic smoke bomb photo featured in our highlights, so we apologize, Hanna! But all in all, it’s been fun. -Chen

"It's Sandro, about Biennale." - The Video Artist, The Big Lebowski

Ellen & Patrick by Jonathan koslen

Finally the 2rd Daughter!!!  After knowing the family for so long it was really such a fun and happy Wedding for Candy and myself to photograph!  We are so

happy that you and Patrick finally after knowing each other for so long decided

to get together!  The Union Club and Shout band are always a pleasure to work with!

I kept my promise of thirty minutes for our super fast super intense photo shoot around

Cleveland!  Look forward to seeing you both soon!

Jonathan & Candy

Kerry&Tommy by Jonathan koslen

Let's just say these people are better than TV... :)  What can I say, Kerry and Tommy are meant to be. They were introduced by a family friend at Tommy's sisters house which used to be Kerry's grandma's house... and this is where Tommy later proposed.  I can't remember which toast it was, but someone said Kerry found the male version of herself... after seeing these two on the dance floor... I couldn't agree more!  I am sure the two of you will have one wild ride with love and support of an amazing family.  Can't wait to see how the rest of your lives unfold.  Many blessings from New Image Photography... Love,

Candy, Leslie and Gabrielle