Shoreby Club

Whitney & David by Jonathan koslen

Shoreby Club did deliver the beautiful sunset but only for a moment!  Thank goodness it held out for the ceremony.  Kim Singerman and the staff at Shoreby did their usual terrific job!  Stephen Tokar created a nautical theme that really complimented Shoreby!  Pippin is looking forward to future opportunities to attend one of your events!  I love that you were considering a beer burro!  You both were so fun to shoot!  I especially loved the bridesmaide's spunk when it came to the shots in the field. _-372

Caryn & Anthony by Jonathan koslen

What a beautiful Wedding! Shoreby Club always delivers the most beautiful sunsets in the city!

I was very excited to do the last of three beautiful sisters Wedding!

I have really grown to love all of you as well as your extended families!

Maribeth told me she had such a great time as well photographing your

wedding (especially the guys)!  Toni from PF design did a fabulous job with the Decor.

The band was Twist who kept the party going strong!


Elizabeth & Andrew by Jonathan koslen

The father of the Bride reminded me a few different times during the Wedding that they picked this date because I was available.  I hope he wasn't trying to

make me feel bad about the rain.  I'm so happy to know the Brides family for

over ten years!  We have had a lot of fun since her sister Jen's Wedding and

those super cute kids in all of these photos are her twins!  Hopefully we won't

wait to call Dave for another hurricane to strike Cleveland.  I really hope you all

enjoy the photos and notice that Me and Candy really try to make your experience

with us extra special!





Katie & Colin by Jonathan koslen

After facing a firing squad of nurf guns, and making sure we got in all of our sunset shots of Shoreby I would have to say it was a great day!  Katie could not have been sweeter and she was just such a happy

Bride!  Everyone had such a nice time!  Heatherlily did a great job on the Decor and as always The Jerry Bruno

Orchestra did a great job on the music!  Colin's band named Closed For Private Party also made a surprise performance

and Marybeth and I were really impressed!  We especially liked the Aladdin song towards the end of the evening even though

it wasn't part of the bands usual repertoire!  Thanks for having us!

Jonathan & Marybeth