Pieter Bouterse

Hanna & Sandro by Jonathan koslen

The Club at Hillbrook

I did not expect a mixed Jewish wedding that started from two students studying abroad and The Big Lebowski playing a pivotal role seven years ago. Okay, that’s enough spoilers. But in all seriousness, we landed awesome shots and video despite a thunderous tempest around and above all day.

A huge thank-you to the Club at Hillbrook staff, along with Pieter Bouterse, Pam Holliday and Champagne Entertainment, Gerry Praizner and the entire Shout band, Debbie the harpist, Terry Macklin; Brides by the Falls for the dress, Martina Liana for the jacket (and someone else we must credit but we need the name!)

And of course, I’ve got another highlight, so stay subscribed to our videos tab!

Finally, we may have shaved five years off for the epic smoke bomb photo featured in our highlights, so we apologize, Hanna! But all in all, it’s been fun. -Chen

"It's Sandro, about Biennale." - The Video Artist, The Big Lebowski

Sophia & Daniel by Jonathan koslen

I have never seen more happy tears at a Wedding! Saige and I enjoyed photographing your Wedding

and being there for such special moments!  The Ritz Carlton

looked amazing (decor Pieter Bouterse) and the band SLY was

incredible.  Cleveland Music Group brought them in from Cincinnati.

The end of the night a few party crashers joined in on the fun and

gave a few autographs and many photo ops.  Congratulations!!!




Jaimie & Joe by Jonathan koslen

Tudor Arms looked amazing thanks to Pieter Bouterse Decor.  Amy Shipman from At Last Event Planning was the coordinator who really earned her keep by removing red wine from Jaimie's gorgeous Wedding Gown!  The Cleveland Music Group as always was fabulous!   Jaimie and Joe had a super fun 1st dance and parent dances.  They were all so animated and fun to be with!  Jaimie mentioned she felt as if we had been friends for a long time!  The feeling was mutual and I'm sure we will be!