Noteworthy events

Avery & Jon by Jonathan koslen

St. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral; The Chagrin Valley Hunt Club

Sometimes you work with people for a while and they grow on you, and then they get sent off in marriage. Avery is a friend who’s assisted us occasionally, and now we’ve assisted her on her big day.

Congratulations to Avery and Jon, and a huge thanks to everyone who put the night together!

Noteworthy Events Coordinator Kim Singerman, Artisan Floral, The Bottom Line, The Greek Company, Vincent Lighting, Cleveland Auto Livery, Now Valet, Aable Tent, Just Paper & Tea

Whitney & David by Jonathan koslen

Shoreby Club did deliver the beautiful sunset but only for a moment!  Thank goodness it held out for the ceremony.  Kim Singerman and the staff at Shoreby did their usual terrific job!  Stephen Tokar created a nautical theme that really complimented Shoreby!  Pippin is looking forward to future opportunities to attend one of your events!  I love that you were considering a beer burro!  You both were so fun to shoot!  I especially loved the bridesmaide's spunk when it came to the shots in the field. _-372

Sarah & Daniel by Jonathan koslen

Sarah & Daniel it has been a really great experience working with you and your family!  I loved seeing the black and white photos I took of Sarah and her siblings from 11 years ago!  I'm sure it was obvious that I really had fun celebrating with all of you and your friends as well as I was so impressed with everyone and how they have grown up!  Green Road looked beautiful and Arne and his team from Plantscaping really did a great job!  I was lucky enough to work with Kim Singerman 2 days in a row and her dream team of coordinators!  Great to be working with these professionals and Mazel Tov to our wonderful couple!