Leslie Farinacci

Tara & Ted by Jonathan koslen

I met Tara mid-wedding season of last year on a day where I was still recovering from a full weekend of weddings.   As the photos from her wedding will prove, her smile fills you with energy and happiness, as it did for me that first visit. Last Saturday as she held her father's hand, Tara's eyes caught Ted's across the chapel of Holy Angels, and her smile was even more vibrant than I had ever seen.   We all search for happiness, and once we find it life can be more vibrant than we knew possible.

Surrounded by family and friends, Tara & Ted's celebration at Barrington Golf Club rang loud and late with the help of Jerry Bruno's band.   As sparklers danced on their behalf, I was so happy for these two that I didn't give a second thought to my hair catching on fire!  A sincere thank you to the guest who caught sight of it!)

Have a wonderful honeymoon in Italy!


Leslie, Jonathan, & Mariana

Angela & Frank by Jonathan koslen

Magnifico is what comes to mind when I think about your Wedding! From the moment I started clicking I knew I was getting great stuff! Both the Bride and Groom were so easy and took direction well! We hit all the locations we wanted and had a blast at all of them! Standing on the limo bus to get that group shot is always fun but not sure how many more times me and my assistants will be standing on the double yellow line in the middle of Mayfield Road.

Jennifer & Steve by Jonathan koslen

After meeting Jennifer & Steve a year and a half ago, I have been looking forward to their wedding ever since.  Did that ever put time into perspective!  I can only imagine how much anticipation and excitement had built up for the couple over their relationship--over years--for their wedding day. The day they had waited for was perfect.  The weather was beautiful, they schedule was flawless, and the locations were great.  Check out how beautiful the inside of the Andrus Party Center looked!

Jen & Steve, we couldn’t be happier for you both and are thrilled we were able to share your day with you.

Leslie & Jonathan

Vianne & Stephen by Jonathan koslen

Vianne & Stephen's wedding had me realizing we are sadly facing the end of our 2013 wedding season.  The day felt like one of November, with a little bit of the warmth hanging on, but the the majority of leaves have now fallen.    Vianne & Stephen, as well as their family  and friends, were all so kind, and let the day flow naturally.  (Even though the limo carrying the bride was slightly late to the church, hardly any stress was in the air!) What a wonderful wedding to enjoy photographing--it was one that left me feeling so lucky to enjoy my career as much as I do, and that it is one who leads me to know such great people.   The happiness Vianne & Stephen bring to one another is contagious, and had everybody smiling on their way home.

Congratulations, and we'll see you when you get back from your honeymoon!

Leslie, Jonathan, & Maribeth

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Tanishia & Reginald by Jonathan koslen

Tanishia was one of the easiest Bride's to make smile.  Her and her Bridesmaides seemed to really like my Barry White.  After hearing her Father sing during the ceremony

I understand why it was so funny to her.  Reggie and the guys also were pretty easy!

It was a wonderful day at The Renaissance Hotel.  Everything was perfect except those

darn Calla Lilies got me sneezing for hours!  That is definitely the last time I'm riding in an elevator

with those flowers!  Your DJ was terrific I got to get his name on my list!  During your Dad's toast he said something like

don't spend too much time making a living than actually living!  Or at least something like that.

What great advice for everyone!