Meena & Shree by Jonathan koslen

We didn't realize that you were both humanitarians and volunteered so much of your time to making this world a better place. It's very clear that both of you are very kind hearted and deserving of each other... how exciting to meet the love of your life in another country! We all love the beauty and culture of Indian Weddings!  So honored to be a part of your wedding day! Hope to hear more about your many adventures together...

Congratulations and Namaste!

Candy and Brad

Heather and Jason by Jonathan koslen

Jason summed up the day by saying "it was like having two friends hanging out with you for your Wedding and taking pictures"! Leslie immediately knew we were going to have a blast with this couple!  I'm sure Landerhaven will be using many of their photos

as well!  Leslie and I really enjoyed being a part of this very special day!!!

Zach & Shelby by Jonathan koslen

I had a great time with you during the engagement shoot and knew the wedding day would be a blast. It was also a pleasure doing another Siegal Wedding!  Landerhaven looked so wonderful!  Pieter Bouterse

as always outdoes himselff on the decor!  Ginny Sukenik and her team of coordinators made sure everything went off without a hitch.  Eugene Ross and the Chozen Few (NOT Chosen) kept the crowd going strong.  I was loving the snow whenever you gave me the opportunity!  Thanks again for trusting me and "going with it"!  Those were some of my favorites!  Congratulations!