Indian Weddings

Seema & Zach by Jonathan koslen

Signature of Solon

Indian weddings are on my favorites list, and this one was no exception. It was wonderful to spend the week getting to know the Jains, and Seema turned out beautiful!

Signature of Solon outdid themselves yet again for us this past weekend; along with Elegant Events by Maria, DJ Sobe and S&S Production and Entertainment, LLC; Party Decor; and Ramona Dauksa!

Congratulations and namaste! -Jonathan

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Neema & Neil by Jonathan koslen

I cannot possibly imagine another Indian princess more beautiful than you! We were all very excited to shoot your wedding, especially after

getting to know all of you so well at Seung & Neelam's Wedding.

I always felt like part of your family and have cherished the memories

that I have been capturing over the years.  I admire your families

closeness and easily get caught up in the waves of emotion that bring

you and your family to tears.  Your wedding was definitely more

involved than any of the others.  I rode on the roof of a moving van only

once for your sister's wedding but I have never stayed until 3:00 AM for an after

party.  It's funny that three 16 hour days didn't seem like enough!

We, as a studio shot more than 10,000 images... a studio record.

Neil,  I hope to get to know you better and maybe we can hang out at the next after party

like I did with Seung.  I hope to see you and your family at many other happy occasions and

that they will be as involved as the Korean extended family.  Leslie spent much more time with you

than I did and she really enjoyed herself.   You are an extraordinarily lucky man

for marrying Neema and of course her family!  Not only is she " #@##&%^*" 100% Gorgeous

but she wears her heart on her sleeve and her eyes tell you how she's feeling.

As for the family,  I love you all and look forward to many more baby pictures, arial photography

shoots, and 4 runner rides!


All the best,

Jonathan and team!



Meena & Shree by Jonathan koslen

We didn't realize that you were both humanitarians and volunteered so much of your time to making this world a better place. It's very clear that both of you are very kind hearted and deserving of each other... how exciting to meet the love of your life in another country! We all love the beauty and culture of Indian Weddings!  So honored to be a part of your wedding day! Hope to hear more about your many adventures together...

Congratulations and Namaste!

Candy and Brad

Zach & Shelby by Jonathan koslen

I had a great time with you during the engagement shoot and knew the wedding day would be a blast. It was also a pleasure doing another Siegal Wedding!  Landerhaven looked so wonderful!  Pieter Bouterse

as always outdoes himselff on the decor!  Ginny Sukenik and her team of coordinators made sure everything went off without a hitch.  Eugene Ross and the Chozen Few (NOT Chosen) kept the crowd going strong.  I was loving the snow whenever you gave me the opportunity!  Thanks again for trusting me and "going with it"!  Those were some of my favorites!  Congratulations!

Corfu Greece Workshop! by Jonathan koslen

photocrati galleryCandace and I are having a terrific time together and learning so much!  We were invited to attend a workshop with eight of the worlds greatest event photographers.  There are only 50 attendees.  Each of us has the opportunity to shoot the models and pose/play with them on our own.  We missed the 1st of only two days of shooting because we had three Weddings on Oct 1st.  Being jet lagged and cameraless thanks to Aegean Airlines we literally had to borrow equipment from Kim Ponsky and Bambi Cantrell!  They were very generous to allow us to shoot with their cameras!  The critique was very difficult for me!  I never had the experience of having 7 judges looking at my work.  Candy could tell that I was extremely nervous. Each of us were allowed to submit only two images.  The image I felt had the best chance of winning was the image with the very "excited" dog!  Candy playing with the dog was my automatic inspiration for the shot!  The Model seemed annoyed pretending to sip tea on a still in the middle of the street (not my idea) and after 5 minutes of huffing I respectfully asked for my turn!  Without  Heather to work on my image it scored the 2nd highest and the judges said it would have scored much higher even had it been worked better in photoshop!  With the help of an amazing Photographer from Russia Sasha I now have a Winning image for this years upcoming WPPI!   Anyway it is all great fun.  Here are a  few images from our 1st day shooting including the before/after shot with Sasha's help.  I really wish he spoke english!  Thank you Heather and studio team for holding things together!  Thank you Grammy, sister in laws and our monkeys for letting us have this experience!   Candy and I just got our camera case now that we are ready to go home!