Cleveland Weddings

Caroline & Kasey by Jonathan koslen

Shaker Country Club and St. Dominick’s Church

Caroline said one of her favorite moments was when the Navy Pilots sang you’ve lost that lovin feeling so be sure to scroll through this blog! Daughter’s Florist did a great job on the Decor, making the church and reception absolutely beautiful! I really enjoyed shooting this couple and incorporated several different lighting styles and techniques

Taylor & Josh by Jonathan koslen

Cleveland Museum of Art

Sometimes you don’t get perfect shots until the night’s almost over and everyone’s danced themselves tired. And we get those shots.

From hanging out at the Courtyard Marriott to livening up the Cleveland Museum of Art, we bring you this masterpiece of Taylor and Josh’s wedding from April 20!

This is also Chen’s debut as our videographer and in-house editor, and he’s got a highlight from the wedding on our newly-added Videos page. If you’re looking to add video to your packages, contact us ASAP!