Stacey & Mark by Jonathan koslen

A winter Wedding at The Club at Hillbrook.Everything was terrific about this Wedding! Ric Eickhoff did the coordinating and the flowers! It was nostalgic working with him as we used to work together almost every weekend before he sold his business.  Nightbridge kept the guests dancing and everyone really had a wonderful time!

Nicole & Jan by Jonathan koslen

Another Wedding at The Country Club!

I love saying that... it’s like who’s on 1st!

Anyway, even though we had to go with plan B

due to weather, it was absolutely stunning!

So glad we got to at least shoot for a moment

at the gorgeous property!  The Kirkbrides team

is always a dream team to work with, not only because

they remind me of Charlie’s Angels but they really make sure

things get done efficiently without stressing anyone out!  So glad

I have you for this weekend coming up!!!

Allison & Curtis by Jonathan koslen

Congratulations on a Beautiful Wedding at The Country Club!Janet Abbey did a terrific job coordination the event! Sue From tin can flowers did

a great job on the flowers and Alicia from the club is always the sweetest and best to work with!