Susie & Hart / by Jonathan koslen

Tifereth Israel

Susie I just love your family!!!!  I have literally watched you grow up!  I enjoyed your spunk while photographing at your school, and to see you as a beautiful Bride was a terrific experience for me!  You still have so much personality and it really comes through in the photos!  Tami thanks for the yummiest Challah ever and being the best most supportive sister a Bride could have.  Joey thanks for allowing me to sing with your group The Macabeets at the next wedding!  (I wish) Hart thanks for sticking it out with us until 2 A.M. on your Wedding Night!  I know you weren't planning on spending it with me and Sarah but when I brought it up to your Mother In Law she loved the idea.  Traveling around Downtown Cleveland late on a Sunday night without traffic to do a photoshoot is something I was really looking forward to.  Anyway Mazal Tov!