Robert & Sara in NYC! / by Jonathan koslen

Wow it's Wednesday and Candy and I are still recovering!  We shot over 4000 images and the link below will show you are favorites!  Terrace in the Park was an amazing venue to work in and I'm sure that I'm not alone in saying it was literally shaking (or rocking) from all the excitement!  Being so high up it certainly made for a great backdrop of the city.  For me this wedding was extra special because I knew both families very well.  Sara's brother and sister in law got married in Cleveland at The Ritz a few years back and Robert I know from doing lots of shooting at Mizrachi as well as a few family photos!  Their wedding was also a special treat for my 6 and 8 year old kids who were allowed to "crash" the last 15 minutes and see what a New York Wedding was all about.  Overall the images from The Plaza hotel and Times Square were my favorites!  Thanks again for having us!!! Jonathan & Candy