Rishi & Sarah / by Jonathan koslen

We started out at the Intercontinental for some getting ready shots and then straight to St. John Cathedral. Dad's first look was an emotional one just before he walked Sarah down the aisle. A few quick family photos and then off to The Old Courthouse. It was initially just a back up plan but Sarah and Rishi really liked some of my previous Court House photos so we went with the rain plan. Afterwords there was still plenty of time for photos at The Art Museum and around Case as well. Sarah needed to get changed for the Indian ceremony so we headed back. Rishi greeting Sarah's family on a white horse for the "Barat" was something you don't see everyday especially in the streets of Cleveland. The rest of the night went very quickly! Ten minutes at The Cultural Gardens then a few quick family photos at the reception. Jerry Bruno's DJs got the party going quickly and kept it going strong. The Wedding coordinator made sure every detail was "on the schedule" and well planned. Thanks for having us!

Jonathan & Liz