Rachael & Joe / by Jonathan koslen

Well I have to say that your day went so perfectly! We spoke several times about the possibility of rain and a plan "B"

which considering an outdoor ceremony and reception was planned

could be quite stressful!  Luckily it stormed in the A.M. and blue skies

for your pictures!  Shooting any event with two pro-photogs as guests

also adds a bit of pressure not to mention it was my 4th event of the weekend!

One of the photog guests asked me about "burnout" which happens to many event

photographers who eventually do other things.  I mentioned to him that I absolutely love

what I do and feel so grateful to be a part of such an important day in the lives of so many people!

I also love meeting new people like the Grooms family!  Great find Rachael!  Super nice members

of our tribe from the middle of nowhere!