People of Chicago / by Jonathan koslen

I normally just post beautiful extravagant events and don't get involved in social action.  I found myself in Chicago with many free hours after my engagement shoot and meetings.  I also purchased a new play camera Fuji's latest thing that is supposed to be a "street photographers dream"!  Anyway I'm still not exactly sure what street photography is but figured I may as well have some fun with my new toy.  A  very close friend of mine told me to check out Michigan Avenue so I took her advice and came up with these images.  Because I was alone I couldn't help conversing with the homeless people and was surprised that they actually wanted to be photographed and have their stories told.  A few bucks for lunch was an added bonus for them as well.  I hope this blog will inspire some change in the windy city as far too many people fell through the cracks.  Crack was by the way one of the biggest problems these people are facing as well as abuse, insanity, alcohol, etc.