Michelle & Mark / by Jonathan koslen

Michelle and Mark your Wedding was spectacular! Toni from PF design did a outstanding job with the décor at The Ritz Carlton.

Cleveland Music Group's The Orchestra as always was stupendous!

Knowing Michelle from when she was a young Jiminy Cricket at Beachwood Community Theater and seeing her blossom into a

fairytale bride was a really cool experience for me!

Dr. Wohlfeiler, our long time family vet and friend (the best vetrinarian in town) now gave me the opportunity and privledge to do

something special for him!  I also loved learning the story regarding how the couple met through Mark’s Mom (a Lyndhurst Animal

Clinic customer) who mentioned to Michelle’s Dad that she had a wonderful son . . . and the rest is history!

I’m sure Michelle and Mark will have their happily ever after!