Maged & Joyce Naples Florida / by Jonathan koslen

Wow is all I have to say!  Your mom must have special powers considering the fact that I wasn't able to be at your Wedding initially!  She kept telling me Jonathan you'll see somehow it will all work out and you will be the photographer.  I couldn't be more thrilled for everyone!  Everyone that knows Joyce (I've known her for at least ten years) knows how truly special she is and what a big heart she has.  I was so happy to hear the same things about Maged!  Anyway everything was so wonderful and I'm so happy it all worked out and you let me get all my shots as well under such a time crunch!!!  The Ritz in Naples well... It certainly is The Ritz and I was so impressed with everything!  The Band was amazing!  As a side note they have a huge RV to travel to beautiful destinations like Cleveland in the summer when it's too hot to get married in Naples!  We seem to have opposite wedding seasons so I hope to be be back there soon!  Thanks to all involved and Maged & Joye GOD BLESS YOU! Jonathan & Heather