Lauren & Frank / by Jonathan koslen

Saturday afternoon Jonathan began the day with the bride, and I began with the groom.  I arrived early at The Country Club with the intention of getting a head start on photographing details.   I enjoyed finding every treasure, from the engraved bottle of Dom to the different textures on each tier of the wedding cake.  When it came to planning, Lauren & Frank had been "beautifully" efficient.  Even unfinished, everything looked perfect.   In anticipation of reuniting with the bride and groom, I searched for hints of personalities in their details. Thorough planners with elegant taste perhaps?

The first impression they made upon their arrival is what had me immediately confident  they will make a great team:  dispite hiccups (such as forgotten rings and having to rebuild the boquet moments before the ceremony), both Lauren and Frank looked at me at one point, smiled, shrugged their shoulders, and said something along the lines of "oh well."

Just like a wedding day we can all plan for a great life ahead, but what matters in the end is what you do with what you are faced with.  To marry the one that carries the same outlook as you, is what ensures that you will have help, if ever needed, in making life the best it can be.

Frank and Lauren, we wish you many more celebrations of your love in years to come.

Leslie & Jonathan