Lauren & David / by Jonathan koslen


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As everyone dreams of finding their "other half," at times it can feel like the probability of crossing paths with "the one" is quite dismal.  David and Lauren are a Chicago-based couple.   A few years ago, amongst many reasons for initially moving to Chicago, our groom, David, reasoned to his parents that there were no good-looking girls in his home town.  Chicago held better potential.  Here's the irony:  David and Lauren are from the same town--and she is quite beautiful indeed. (David's father gave a well-deserved I-told-you-so in his toast!)

There are couples out there that, when you look at them, seem to almost "match."  Same styles, mannerisms, looks, etc.  Yes, David and Lauren are both easy on the eye, but it's the way they interacted and carried themselves throughout the day that made it so easy to see that "match" that will lead to a long wonderful marriage.    This certainly called for a celebration--and wait until you see it!  The Renaissance was a glowing, breathtaking venue in which people gathered from both Chicago and Cleveland.   We could not have enjoyed the day more.  Thank you for having us!

Leslie & Cristabel