Kelly & Greg / by Jonathan koslen

Muck Buckets of Photos!!!  I keep my promises!  Kelly and Greg you both were so fun to be around and work with!  I'm happy to consider you friends as well as your family!  Hopefully I'm not considered a difficult customer of yours!  Candy and I were excited to work together (something we rarely do) on your Wedding and were chomping at the bit to get outside photographs!  Aside from the fact that every time I got the two of you outside the lightning siren at Beechmont went off we managed to do pretty good!  Glad we didn't drive all the way to hole 13 because we wouldn't have made it!  Arnie and Todd from Plantscaping did a terrific Job on the Decor and Park Place on the music. Susie was her usual sweet self keeping everything on schedule!  I'm sad that there aren't anymore Weddings coming up in your family but look forward to getting lots of  horse advice and visits from all of you down at the New Image Ranch!  Yeee haw!

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