Kate & Todd / by Jonathan koslen

What a special night for them and their families! Kate and Todd have been through so much together and as we all heard proved herself in sickness and in health.  Getting to know this couple was a real treat for me because their love was so amazing to see and capture.  I always hope that all of my couples will have the perspective on  life to cherish every moment and it was so evident to me how much this Bride and Groom actually do even before I heard the toast and heard about their history.  Beechmont looked amazing with Arnie from Plantscaping doing the decor.  My new Nikon D4 which I have been waiting for sooo long exceeded all my expectations!   I was recommended to Kate's mother from wonderful clients turned Dentists and good friends.  After getting to know Kate & Todd I feel like I have just made new friends and look forward to many happy occasions with them and their families!