Kaitlin & John / by Jonathan koslen

How cute is your story!  Kaitlin your mom gave me six cinnamon sugar party favors at the very end of the night! She told me that you guys made them as an activity in either kindergarten or pre-school!  I'm amazed!  Sorry I

don't remember the specifics but who could miss the photos of both of you growing up together!  For me it's always

extra special when I know and have photographed the families at other events.  I was just having a great time with all of you.

The Union Club was spectacular with the Decor by Pieter Bouterse which was expected as we all have been with you at this

beautiful venue before!  A big shout out and thank you to Allison from Kirkbrides who managed to produce a 10 foot ladder for me

in less than a minute for an unplanned 200+ person group photo!  She really did a terrific job with all of the planning for a "nonstop evening"!

The Jerry Bruno Orchestra...  There's a reason I seem to work with them almost every weekend and if you notice the last few pictures from

all three of your photographers it's clear that they save the best for last!  By the time they play save the last dance for me everyone is on the dance floor!

I will be thinking of the two of you every time I drink my cinnamon  sugar coffee, cooking my special french toast, and  wondering if

my two small children have already met their soul-mates!  Leslie, Marybeth, and myself were all so happy to be with you!




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