Julie & Jeromi / by Jonathan koslen

I have seen many couples who have searched the globe looking for their soulmate to later find he or she lives in the same town or even down the street.  Julie traveled to New Zealand and met the love of her life as he was showing her how many marshmallows he could stuff in his mouth at once!  They literally were in their own sweet world even during their ceremony!  I have yet to see any other couple giggling and whispering to each other during an actual wedding ceremony!  I really feel close to Julie's family especially because she is the 3rd sister who's wedding I had the privilege to shoot.  I have done several shoots with her sister Gail both corporate and family since her wedding 12 years ago and we have become good friends.  I couldn't help but wonder about Jeromi and his family as I just met him that week.  During the wedding there was a point where everyone joined in song (something really Christian), it was beautiful and moving.  The parents and siblings with their arms raised up and eyes closed sang with all their hearts as if they were one family.   They are truly Beshart תרשב soul mates as so many people had said.  Their parent did a wonderful job raising them lovingly in faith!  Getting caught in the rain was looked at as an opportunity fun fun and interesting pictures as we danced our way through the Ribfest in Downtown Willoughby.   Quail Hollow looked beautiful and everything went smoothly thanks to Gina's crew from http://www.shi-shievents.com.  Congratulations and God Bless!