Jennifer & Vinnie / by Jonathan koslen

St. Roccos Church and The State Theatre...I was so excited to shoot your Wedding after doing your engagement shoot. It was so nice to get to know you both before the really big day. Things went very smooth and on task! I was super excited to find that broken down building next to the church and have to say that I'm really glad you both trusted me enough to go there! (Thanks Katie) Pieter did a fabulous job on decor! Gwen Pieter and I were all holding our breath for your first dance when the Chandelier magically came down and lit with the rose petals gently falling under the "Bella Luna"! There's a story behind some of those photos (Thanks Pieter)! All of us Leslie Dustin and of course me were honored to be a part of your day and look forward to many happy occasions with you and your families! Congratulazioni and Bellisimo!