Frank & Lisa, Pilgrim Church, St. Noel / by Jonathan koslen

Heather and I knew we were in for it on your Wedding Day!  We were both very excited admittedly I was a bit nervous only because of Frank's tools that got sprayed during the construction of the new studio.  Anyway I hope you feel we more than made up for that!  After seeing you both and getting to know you prior to the Wedding it was pretty obvious that we consider you both friends and for that reason we felt comfortable being so silly with the two of you or maybe you with us!  Along with the fun stuff also came the sad and the serious.  We were very touched by Lisa's quilt made from her dad's clothing and the memorial candles lit at church.  Frank I also think its nice how you are always looking out for your brother even if it means I am a photographer short for a few dances at the reception.  Lots of fireman and nurses at the reception tells us that you are both extremely likable  people.  Heather and I have you figured out and for all who are reading this that know them well you know what we mean! Frank and Lisa congratulations and thanks for having us!  

Jonathan & Heather

photo by Jonathan Koslen New Image Photography