Emma and Brandon / by Jonathan koslen

It's no secret that the time leading up to a wedding can be a source of stress, stemming from both wedding planning as well as arranging for life together.   Emma & Brandon somehow managed to never show any sign of such stress, despite Emma being in nursing school and Brandon moving to St. Louis for a new job…during the height of wedding planning.  Part of what makes a wedding day so beautiful is its ability to let us stop and celebrate a love as strong as Emma's and Brandon's.  The whirlwind of plans for the wedding and life after the wedding disappear for the day, and everything simply falls into place.And did it ever come together for Emma & Brandon at Cleveland's Marriott Key Center on Saturday.  With a fantastic team of Tina from Prestige Floral and Scott of Jerry Bruno Productions, the day seemed to fly by as everyone enjoyed celebrating the couple. Brad and I are among many who are happy for you, and wish you and easy transition into a new life and city, together.

Leslie & Brad

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