Elise & Cameron / by Jonathan koslen

photocrati galleryA very vintage wedding at Barrigton country club and reception at The Bertram Inn! I was slightly worried about living up to my work from a few years ago when I shot Elise's

sisters wedding only because Ariel's pictures were on the cover of my brochure, cover of Currents,

and above my entrance for two years!  No pressure!  Before Elise was even in her gown I knew I had

no worries!  Elise & Cameron were so fun to shoot that it was easy to get carried away especially when puddles are

involved.  The ceremony was very heartfelt probably due to the fact that both fathers officiated.  Everything from the

latin music to the decor was beautiful tasteful and a bit crazy at the same time!   Tossing the groom

high in the air was a great way to end the evening!  Felicidados!

Jonathan & Dustin!