David and Chris / by Jonathan koslen

I had the pleasure of photographing this very special WEDDING!  This Wedding is very ordinary in the sense that a couple meets falls in love and gets Married.  It's special because sadly this type of Wedding would be only a commitment

ceremony in most of our Country.  Shooting David and Chris was super easy and they followed my direction well.  David had a few Idea's

of his own as well like the the famous scene from the Bow of the Titanic.  As this was my only experience shooting a same sex Marriage

I was a bit worried I would be too over the top with some of my normal to me types of photos I do with my couples but it all worked out

and came very natural to me.  The parents were so thrilled to have a Wedding for their son's and were both so proud!  Their friend Dedra

performed the ceremony.  Congratulations!