Danielle & Ashley / by Jonathan koslen

On Saturday, Cleveland hosted the wedding of Danielle & Ashley, a successful, New York-based couple.   In our communication leading up to the big day, their planning had been well-organized and efficient (visually apparent in the breathtaking environment they put together--as you'll see in the gallery).  So, when faced with a few small glitches early that morning (rings that seemed to keep disappearing as if they had legs of their own, and behind-schedule groom who had temporarily misplaced his shoes) I thought to myself 'uh oh....'.     However, both Danielle and Ashley couldn't have remained more relaxed and at ease, content in the realization that today they were getting married.   The day continued and proved to be to be absolutely stunning, with the elegance of The Old Courthouse and Ritz-Carlton matching that of the bride and groom.   Eileen Benson (wedding planner) conducted the day flawlessly, and Stephen Tokar built dream-like environments for both the ceremony and reception. Congratulations Danielle & Ashley!  Thank you for having us,

Leslie & Jonathan