Courtney & Chuck / by Jonathan koslen


Throughout the past month Courtney and I tossed phone calls and e-mails back and forth in preparation for this past Saturday.  Each time we spoke there was nothing but excitement in her voice; even when I asked if she was nervous, she responded by saying that all she could think about was Chuck standing at the altar waiting for her.  We already knew this was going to be “one to remember,” but from the moment Jonathan and I saw the bride and bridesmaids dressed in impeccable style (headpieces, pearls, pins…you name it), we tightened our grip on our cameras and were ready to get to work!

At the ceremony, everyone present was reminded that we were celebrating a 9-year-long love between Courtney and Chuck.   It seemed as though there was an “it’s-about-time!” aura to the celebration.   After just a few location-shots, it was so easy for us to see it too–Chuck stood lovingly and patiently, wherever he need to be, as Courtney worked the camera like a pro, always looking back to Chuck.   As Jonathan and I are going through our photos this week, we can so clearly see your individual personalities and strength as husband and wife shine through.   Here’s to another 9+ years!!

Leslie & Jonathan