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Lana & Kerill by Jonathan koslen

Almafi Coast Italia....

Lana and Kerill I am still hearing the music from your Wedding in my head.  Your Wedding was everything you said it would be and more!  The setting of course was incredibly romantic even when the weather didn't cooperate.  The music was unbelievable even when it was all in Russian!  Marat was really incredible even if he did make fun of me to get a laugh out of the Bridesmaids!  Your guests are your A list and I had so much fun with all of them because I love being around crazy talented and artistic people!  I am totally stealing your singing idea BTW for the next time!   I loved everything about your day and can't wait to hang out with you both when you are in town!  Wow what a week!

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Marnie & Alex by Jonathan koslen

Chicago Chicago got that song in my head! Taya Devon and I rocked this Wedding!  The W City Center

looked amazing and the staff from the Hotel, Florists, and Event

Coordinators couldn't be happier for their friend Marnie.  The band

called The Chicago Players was absolutely amazing and I would highly

recommend them to anyone looking to bring a band in from another state!

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