Caitlin & Evan / by Jonathan koslen

New Years Eve 2013 was a night to remember!  Thankfully all good things! Everyone made it through the ceremony ok despite a few of the major players having

the flu.  Both of you were worried about not being photogenic...

We worked out all the kinks during your engagement shoot thank goodness!

Speaking of kinks there were a lot of them but neither one of you let them get you down.

Even though the make up artist may have not waited for New Years to begin partying she

still did a nice job even if we started photos over an hour late.  Kids cry all the time

at these sort of things but even she had a great time at the reception as soon as she got out

of that white dress!  The intercontinental looked beautiful!  Arnie Klein from Plantscaping

did a beautiful job decorating your winter themed party!  Also it was nice to finish off the year

with The Orchestra (formally known as the Jerry Bruno Band).  We have worked with them almost every

other weekend since 1994 and still love them!  We have done a lot this year and are so happy and fortunate to be

doing what we love and making so many new friends!  Happy New Year to Everyone!!!

Jonathan & Candy