Beth & Erik / by Jonathan koslen

This wedding was definitely one for the books!  Both the Bride and Groom couldn't be nicer or easier to work with!  The day was perfect at least weather wise!  For anyone following

my blogs we have had a string of bad luck from dresses being ripped at the seam, bee stings

(didn't mention it in Audrey & Dougs's Wedding blog) and a groomsman who fell into the Chagrin

River (Jessica & Victor's Wedding).  Anyway Doug was a real trooper considering he was very sick

during the reception!  Stomach Flu is going around and I hope that he recovered well enough to go

on the honeymoon.  The photo album certainly isn't lacking and considering this couple has known each

other since grade school I have a feeling that they have already been through a lot together!  I'm sure

their children will enjoy hearing stories as the minister had mentioned during the ceremony!

Leslie and I especially like the one about Erik tossing Beth's book bag in the garbage in 2nd grade!

Anyway this is yet another interesting story for them and another trip to the drug store for Leslie

4 weeks in a row.