Batsheva & Baruch / by Jonathan koslen

I always say that I like my Brides much better after they are married... I did mention this to Batsheva after she told me about all of the family

photos prior to the Wedding!  She is the 7th daughter (Bat Sheva means daughter of seven)

of 12 children!  Thank G-D it all went well but she said to me "now I understand why

you like your Brides better after the ceremony!  It was all smiles from then on, all night long!

Both the Bride and Groom's fathers are Rabbi's and actually knew each other from school.

Interestingly enough it was a family friend who introduced them!  The dancing was really fun to watch

and both families were very gracious!  Batsheva exemplifies modesty and she is quite obviously

beautiful on the inside and out!  Chabad is an acronym in hebrew for Wisdom, Understanding, and Faith!

Baruch is the perfect guy foe her coming from a wonderful family that upholds these wonderful ideals!