Megan & JT by Jonathan koslen

For each wedding, it's fascinating to see how a couple builds an environment personal to them.  The venue, the color scheme, the flowers, the light, etc, are tuned to build dream setting.   Megan and JT chose to hold their wedding at Cleveland's Shoreby Club, under a glowing Sperry tent.  The environment couldn't have matched their personalities better. As a couple that no longer lives in Cleveland, it's astonishing how perfectly plan the day was (though they had a fantastic support system to help).  Surrounded by a wonderful and welcoming group of friends and family, they day seemed to fly by, so much in fact that everyone yelled "encore, encore!" wishing the band could play all night!

Congratulations Megan & JT!

Leslie & Gabriella

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Elyse & Michael by Jonathan koslen

I knew it was going to be interesting when I started my day yelling at the people in room 1404 to wake up and get dressed that the limo was coming soon to get them and we needed pictures not realizing that I was in the wrong room until I heard the words "no englas"!  Anyway as it turns out everything after that was picture perfect!  I have had the pleasure to photograph many Big Greek family Weddings and portraits and I was thrilled to see everyone so excited for Michael and Elyse! YaYa and Papu's expressions say it all and what a blessing to have them there!  Michael it was nice getting to know your family as well and you were a really fun Groom for me to work with!  Your mom's only request was to capture your reaction when Elyse was walking down the aisle!  I appreciate you lending me your guys when Candy left to do cocktail hour during our photoshoot!  I have to agree with you "they are all really nice guys"!  We were so happy to be a part of your day!

Jonathan & Candy

Lisa & Kirk by Jonathan koslen

I spent a relaxing, rainy, early afternoon with Lisa & her ladies, and once the man of the hour arrived, the day kicked into gear!  The moment Kirk walked into the door, Lisa was glowing with excitement.  Lisa and I had a few chances to visit before the wedding day, and when she spoke of Kirk, she has always smiled with a particular look--and it was that exact smile that made it's appearance upon Kirk's arrival.  In no time at all one could easily recognize how wonderfully these two complimented one another. Kirk also seemed to bring with him the sun for the day,  bringing Shoreby to life.   Everything that followed fell into place perfectly.  The wedding was filled with so many personal touches, making it even more of an intimate affair.   Surrounded by their closest friends and family, they became a family of four.



Dianne & Michael by Jonathan koslen

41 years ago this happy couple got married.  They were just out of high school and beginning their life together.  Sadly their photographer's studio burned down and as a result they had NO Wedding Photos!

I'm not saying they did all this just for me to photograph them but it really was important to them.  I'm thinking

Dianne knew at that moment they were going to have to do it all again!  41 years later???  They were both battling

some health issues for their 40th and they both agreed "no matter what this time were doing it"!

Here's a shout out to all who helped make their event so memorable!

Patrice Catan & Brenda Kucinski Coordinator – Socially Artistic by Catan Fashions,

Marty LaMalfa, Shannon Baker – S.P. Video Productions, Roseann Canfora- Celetrial Strings,

Darryl Green – The Wedding Singer, Obey Shelton – Music.