Billie & Ryan by Jonathan koslen

St Paul Greek Orthodox Church & The Country Club


Besides losing our assistant photographer to the pool everything went off without a hitch!

Saige did a terrific job with the getting ready shots and Taya stepped in when the other photographer was

under water! The fireworks display was incredible and Heatherlily did her usual WOW for the decor!

Nikola & Jasmina by Jonathan koslen

St. Sava Church

I love these traditions…bartering fo the Bride, Shooting apples with assault rifles, breaking bread over the Bride’s head, coin tossing after the ceremony etc etc! Jeebilie! Thanks for having all of us!

Elaina & Matt by Jonathan koslen

Saint Maron and LaCentre

I love Disney Princess Brides!

Shooting this wedding was kinda like having Cinderella as the Bride at what you’d expect Princess Jasmin’s Wedding to be. Allow me to explain… The Groom’s family received not just a warm welcome from the Bride’s family it was more like the the suitors from Aladdin being welcomed by the Sultan! Although there were no elephants sadly there were Dabke Drums and several swords with performers in Turkish costumes. The music at the house was beautiful and the father of the Bride introduced me to a song that I listen to frequently as he has set up music for many of his friends daughters on their wedding day. I have met Elaina many times and her parents more times than I could possibly remember at several other happy occasions and church events. I love the candid images captured in their faces during each event!I can honestly say that I have so much love for this family! Elaina couldn’t have possibly been more beautiful and I kept finding myself getting carried away with the photo shoots. Matt was gracious for allowing me to shoot everything I wanted! It was a pleasure getting to know him and his family as well. To the lovely twin Nicole…. I’m saying it! 3abaleek

“MAY YOU BE NEXT” so we can all do this again very soon! Mabruk!

DJ: George Kanaan

Hair and Makeup: Rania Hail Salon

Florist: Bouquets by Becky

Cake: Michelangelo Bakery

Planner/Coordinator Extraordinaire Beatiz Lopez fro LaCentre

Chelsey & Zack by Jonathan koslen

The Club at Hillbrook

I love shooting weddings when I know the family well! My work is always personal but I get excited to be a part of such a big day to people I really like. I saw Rhonda (Zack’s mom) a few weeks before the wedding and her husband had a health scare. Thank goodness Michael is fine now and it was truly a celebration! I shot Zack’s sisters wedding a few years ago and am excited and thrilled to see that Alyssa and Kenny are expecting. I look forward to fun family shoots as soon as Zack and Chelsey catch up to them. My guess is it won’t take them very long! I love the way she looks at Zack and her smiles and expressions in these photos say it all! Mazal Tov I am so happy for both of your families!

Rafi & Gabi by Jonathan koslen

Saint Maron and Guy’s Party Center

You had to have been there!

I can’t repeat what I said at least until the next big Lebanese Wedding coming up very soon actually! I love the community at St. Maron’s Church and feel very much at home shooting Weddings there. I love seeing so many familiar faces and couples who’s weddings I’ve shot over the years. I love this couple and their Bridal Party. Jackie Paula and I really had fun with all of you! Mabruk!!

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